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 1. Inquiry一(Customer records)
 2. Design communication - (structural design, material design, process design,)
 3. Confirm the design一(Confirm structural design, material design, process design)
 4. Quotation - (unit price approval FOB)
 5. Sample production - (Send sample production form to workshop)
 6. Mail Samples - Choose a courier company based on customer needs
 7. Customer confirms sample - whether it meets customer needs
 8. Accept advance payment - 30% (contract is established)
 9. Releasing the production task list一(After the confirmation of the salesman's notice,
the English version of the contract and the production notice, the clerk, the manager, and
the general manager, the original is delivered to the financial department and re-enters the
ERP system for production)
 10. Customs declaration - declaration of export goods
 11. Pay the balance一70% (All payment is received)
 12. Shipment Transportation - The mode of transportation is based on the customer's
 13. Customer Receipt - Acceptance at Destination Port
 14. After-sales return visit - communicate with customers on the product is satisfactory, if
any problems, timely correction
 15. Recommend innovative products - from time to time want customers to push the best
and latest products to meet customer needs.



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